Nodes of Navi Mumbai Abundant Airoli

Navi Mumbai is a completely planned city, each and every town consisting of this territory has been designed and developed by CIDCO, it is not as populated as Mumbai which makes it a better place to live, and it isn’t anywhere less when it comes to work opportunities and elevated livelihood.


One of the most flourishing and growing cities of Navi Mumbai, Airoli is another developed residential and commercial city that’s been catching a lot of attention for the past few months. And since the development has been emerging each passing day, its importance has been increasing along with the property rates, which makes it one of the best places to invest in the locality.

Airoli sees a promising future in the coming years, the town has been attracting a lot of developers and potential home buyers. Private investment such as Malls, Cafe’s A-grade restaurants, Multiplexes, International schools & colleges in the city are on the rise that has affected the overall infrastructure of the city, making it a lush city to live in.

Today we’ll give you some of the best reasons which will convince you why Airoli can be the city of your dream home, and how it can be lucrative for you to invest your hard-earned money. 


Where there’s work, there’s home. The reason of Airoli being such a commercially prospering city, it makes it a residential hotspot and a preferred locality for home buyers and investors as well. The city is a bouquet of mid-rise cooperative housing societies and multi-storey apartment complexes

. With some of the most prominent developers and projects taking over the town, there is a scope of both luxury and affordable living in Airoli.


After the COVID-19 crisis, people soon started to realize the importance of a home and more than that, a workplace near home. Nobody wants to travel much, invest time and expose themselves to any possible incidence while reaching their offices or coming back home.

Time is money, money is time, and a home near your workplace allows you to stay safe as well as invest your time in better productive things such as focusing on health, spending a few extra minutes with family or pay attention to their side hustle.

Airoli is a hub of IT parks and industrial areas, the city hosts some of the major companies and corporate giants such as Capgemini, Accenture, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Tata consultancy services, Google and many others makes it a real deal to settle in and spend their lives peacefully working, without having to travel much.

Tourism (Day & Night Life)

Tourism may not be the best forte of Airoli, but it is close to a lot of city attractions and highlights which helps the Airoli resident to create perfect weekend getaway plans. 

With places like Lonavala, Lavasa, Khandala, Pandavgada falls, Knowledge park, Book my safari and other such places being only a few minutes away form Airoli, it has the capability to be the ideal place for anyone to live.

News about Location

As per the news and reports, the first phase of Airoli-Katai Naka freeway will be completed very soon that will provide faster transportation and quick access to the people who are travelling from Mumbai-Kalyan-Badlapur region.

It is said to curt off travel time from Mumbai and Kalyan into 30 minutes and also provide more space for travelers to drive and reach faster from Thane-Belapur road.

In Conclusion

Navi Mumbai is splurging with development and opportunities, there are many other surburbs in this city as well that makes it a prominent locality to invest, live and spend life at.

It is based on the buyers requirement, on what they’re looking for in their ideal property, and the Wizards at PropAdvisors will help them from A to Z.