Imperative importance of Pushpak Nagar

Since 1971, Navi Mumbai has been exponentially growing and prospering after its inception. Apart from the growing commercial and residential opportunities, Navi Mumbai is one of the most planned cities in entire India and runs under the guidance of CIDCO.

Prospering Pushpak Nagar

In Navi Mumbai, infrastructure such as power, water supply, sewerage, and rainwater discharge was designed meticulously with the concept of holding ponds, this helped in preventing the inundation of buildings and streets during Mumbai monsoon rains. Planning in such detail helped Navi Mumbai become even better than several cities in India and Greater Mumbai itself.

Navi Mumbai is the last mega settlement zone of MMR and its success as a city can be measured by its growth. In a few decades, Navi Mumbai has become the second-largest settlement city within MMR when it comes to population share. It is said that it is growing with a speed of 88% that is known to be the highest growth rate in the region.

Adding more feathers to Navi Mumbai’s crown, the Ministry of Environment and Forest has accorded approval for the diversion of approximately 22.55 hectares of forest land needed for Pushpak Nagar’s development.

But, what’s the buzz about Pushpak Nagar?

Pushpak Nagar in Navi Mumbai is a township that is being planned with state-of-the-art engineering and social infrastructure across the span of 221 hectares. According to the reports, the plan is to engineer the area with essential life utilities such as stormwater drainage, road connectivity, drinking water, and essential infrastructure.

The growth of this final node of Pushpak Nagar in Navi Mumbai is going to be one of the most important and prominent nodes that will become the face of Navi Mumbai and an aero-city due to its close proximity to the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Here are some of the most attractive reasons why Pushpak Nagar should be in your bucket list for a prospering investment. 


Since the approval, Pushpak Nagar has been swarming with commercial activities as well as employment opportunities. This township is going to be one of the most upmarket localities of the entire Navi Mumbai region where the township will be exclusive with upcoming 5-star hotels, commercial hubs, and an International airport will be in the vicinity.


It is obvious that every person would want to stay in a locality where career opportunities are good enough and to serve such people the residential market of Pushpak Nagar is expecting somewhere 25000 to 30000 residents with mixed incomes and younger demographics.

Tourism (Day & Night Life)

As the International Airport is going to be extremely closeby to Pushpak Nagar, the city will be the face of Navi Mumbai for International Arrivals. The reports say that this town will have several amenities and will be an attraction for all the coming tourists with Digital Libraries at the community level, designated green zones, cultural centers, and much more.

News about the location

It is stated that Pushpak Nagar is all set to be the “Aerocity” of Navi Mumbai. It is going to be the smartest town in the bouquet of Navi Mumbai with all the modern and futuristic digital technologies such as a single identity card for city-level amenities, transportations, access to free wifi, library, cultural theatre, municipal parking lots, single response dial-in number for complaints, telehealth centers and township app for community reporting and participation.


Pushpak Nagar may be the last developing city in the Navi Mumbai Region, but it is gearing up to be the smartest city of all time. The prospering locality of Pushpak Nagar is expected to have a healthy mix of commercial, residential, physical, and social facilities that will also consist of playgrounds, health gardens, education. It will also be powered with adequate water supply by CIDCO and electricity supply by the MSEB. At PropAdvisor, we will help you find the best space that you can call your own and see it growing over time.